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July 07, 2008


Holy grall

Awesome post . Thanks for, posting on this blog mate! I'll email you again! I didn't know that.

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I really admire your absolute work that you're doing and that I say keep it up Evans

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I enjoyed it very much thanks. Sorry I had to cancel my account though. I really enjoyed the site and it was THE ONLY site I used to meet new people and most of the people were friendly but you can't really control that, but it was really a nice experience.

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Thanks for making this website. I do have a lot of trouble telling people I know personally what I think and that and with this I can make new friends who some of them actually understand what im going through.

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With your page you open new world to so many people, like you gave us chance to do something with our lives... you give calm to stressed people, company to the lonely ones, and keep some of us (like me) busy during sleepless nights...Thank you

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Thank for this website,I finally find a penpal and email to other friends around the world. Love this site and keep it up your good job. Mike

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Hey, I just wanted to say great job with the site. You have really found a way to use the internet to bring people together. We appreciate it!) Keep doing a good job!

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